Pediatric dental office La Mirada

Pediatric Dental Office La Mirada

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Interceptive orthodontics in La Mirada

Pediatric dental office La Mirada
Pediatric dental office La Mirada

Children’s Dental Group is a pediatric dental office La Mirada that specializes in orthodontics for kids. If your child is younger, we may suggest something such as interceptive orthodontics, which are designed to be a preliminary type of orthodontics if kids are not old enough for regular braces. Most regular orthodontics are put on after the jaw has finished developing, when children are usually around the ages of 14.

Orthodontics are designed to help align teeth and straighten them. Straight teeth are easier to clean than crooked teeth, as with crooked teeth it is much harder to get in between the crevices of the gums and teeth. Crooked teeth can also cause crowding, which can push the other teeth out of alignment as time progresses. If the teeth are too crowded they can become crooked, and more cavities may form over time as well. Our orthodontic braces stay on for an allotted period of time until the teeth are aligned properly. This could mean at least a year or more. We also offer Invisalign Braces, which are invisible braces that many patients are happy with. They’re not as visible as traditional braces, and can be worn by both teens and adults. Call us today to ask us more about Invisalign or interceptive orthodontics for your child and to speak to a friendly staff member at our pediatric dental office La Mirada.

At Children’s Dental Group, we have something for everyone, and keep our costs low and affordable so that our patients can afford to give their children the dental care that they need. Our pediatric dental office La Mirada has satellite offices all around the California area. This includes Anaheim, Santa Ana, Norwalk and South Gate. We also have northern California offices in San Jose and Sunnyvale.

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