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Effect of thumb sucking on teeth in Norwalk

Norwalk top kids dentist
Norwalk top kids dentist

Your child’s habits form the basis for his or her oral health, both now and in the future. This ranges from food and drink choices to hygiene regimen to thumb sucking. Here at Children’s Dental Group, our goal is to prevent your child from experiencing negative results whenever possible. And while it is not uncommon for children to suck their thumbs or their other fingers, it does lead to certain outcomes and our Norwalk top kids dentist wants you to be aware.

Early on in childhood, there is no problem with thumb sucking. And the reality is that most of the time, children stop doing so around the age of four. After all, these are only the primary (baby) teeth, and they are going to fall out anyway. The challenge develops when the habit extends to the point where she or he is still doing so at the time when permanent (adult) teeth are erupting. Maintaining thumb or finger sucking then can cause teeth to become crooked, leading to the need for orthodontic treatment. Furthermore, the roof of your child’s mouth may become malformed, and the positioning of the upper and lower jaw can be affected. Even your child’s speech can be impacted by the continuation of the habit. Fortunately, our Norwalk top kids dentist has some helpful advice to put an end to it simply, effectively, and without stress. Among the methods are employing a reward system for not doing it, and showing your child what can happen to their teeth and even their fingers and thumbs if they don’t stop.

Our Norwalk top kids dentist will work with you to develop a plan that works. It is just one of many ways of creating a sense of teamwork with you so that together your child’s oral wellness will be looked out for in the best way possible. Schedule an appointment by calling our office right now.

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