Norwalk space maintainers

Norwalk Space Maintainers

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Norwalk space maintainers
Norwalk space maintainers

As your child transitions from primary (baby) teeth to permanent (adult) teeth, an issue that may arise is when then primary teeth fall out our have to be removed ahead of their normal timetable. If one or more of your child’s teeth are missing too early, it is essential that we at Children’s Dental Group prevent her or his other teeth from shifting and blocking the path for the permanent teeth to grow in later on. With our Norwalk space maintainers, however, that potential problem can be avoided entirely. It is our goal to oversee a smooth and comfortable process from baby to adult teeth, with as few obstacles as possible.

Our Norwalk space maintainers are dental appliances that are custom-made right here at our dental office. They are made of either metal or acrylic, and are available in both fixed and removable versions. They serve the valuable purpose of occupying the space where one or more of those teeth used to be, standing in their place so that when the time is proper for the permanent teeth to erupt, there will be no chance of blockage that could lead to complications.

Our pediatric dentist will ensure that our Norwalk space maintainers fit your child to a tee. Comfort is key. When you consider that such a simple method can be so effective in the prevention of more complex and expensive procedures later on if the space is not saved now, the immense importance of these devices is clear. Does this mean that every child with a missing tooth will need one? Not necessarily. That evaluation will be made by our pediatric dentist as well as whether a fixed or removable one is the best choice for your child. His or her unique circumstances, as well as other factors, will play into that decision.

When wearing our Norwalk space maintainers, your child will need to abstain from chewy or sugary foods, which can get caught in the device. There are other guidelines that our pediatric dentist will discuss with you, but what is of greatest importance is to get started on filling that space when a tooth is lost.

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