Norwalk pediatric braces

Norwalk Pediatric Braces

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Pediatric orthodontic office in Norwalk

Norwalk pediatric braces
Norwalk pediatric braces

Interceptive orthodontics is a premise for which your child will wear our Norwalk pediatric braces as a way to get out ahead of problems before they become more complicated and cost more in both time and money. Having straight, properly-spaced teeth and an occlusion (bite) that is well-aligned is a goal that we at Children’s Dental Group has for your child. By getting started at a younger age, before adolescence, there is a much better chance that he or she won’t need braces or a retainer in her or his teen years; or at least to a far less extent.

If either you or our pediatric dentist notice concerns such as teeth crowding, a bite that’s off, protruding teeth, teeth growing in crooked, too much space between teeth, or improper jaw growth, it’s important to recognize that these are difficulties that tend to grow worse with time. Our Norwalk pediatric braces can address those issues, and also make room in your child’s mouth for the teeth that have yet to grow in. While orthodontic care is often associated with starting around 12-14 years of age, the benefits of beginning at a younger age, as early as 5-7, are undeniable. Basically, as soon as any symptoms are noticed, it is a good time to consider our Norwalk pediatric braces. Some of those symptoms are breathing through the mouth, chewing difficulties, sucking of the finger or thumb, teeth crowding, misplaced teeth, baby teeth lost early or staying in for too long, teeth blocked out, jaws and teeth out of proportion with the rest of his or her face, shifting jaw, and clicking sounds when the jaw moves.

Delaying orthodontic treatment for your child can put her or him at increased risk for more extreme care later on. When you consider that, it makes sense to call us and schedule an evaluation for your child to find out if it’s a good time to take advantage of our Norwalk pediatric braces.

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