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Kids dentist in Norwalk

Norwalk Dentist
Norwalk Dentist

Our Norwalk dentist will help to advise and guide you through the process of your child’s teeth erupting. That means first the baby (primary) teeth, and then later the adult (permanent) teeth. Here at Children’s Dental Group, we’re dedicated to pediatric care, and you can count on us at your experts every step of the way.

While not every child will have their teeth grow in at exactly the same time as other kids, there is a basic range of time that you can count on. The two bottom front teeth are the first ones to appear. Expect that to occur somewhere around 6 to 8 months. After that, the four upper front teeth grow in. From then onward, the remainder of his or her baby teeth will grow in, often in pairs, until the full set have erupted. The total number is 20 teeth and all of this is expected to take place by the time she or he is two and a half years old. For the next few years, there should be no changes. Then, around the age of 5 to 6, adult teeth start to erupt. Since a full set of adult teeth is more than the full set of baby teeth, some of these new teeth will simply grow in to the empty space where they are designed to go. There is no tooth that it’s replacing. Baby teeth begin to fall out around this time, as well. Their adult replacements will erupt not too long after. It’s vital that the natural schedule occurs as it should. If a baby teeth has to come out before it is supposed to, it can cause complications, such as other teeth shifting. Regular six month visits to our Norwalk dentist will help to maintain optimal oral wellness, and make the chances of things running smoothly much greater.

For a routine examination or for any issues with the manner in which your child’s teeth are erupting, contact our office to schedule an appointment with our Norwalk dentist.

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