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Norwalk Children’s Dentist

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Pediatric orthodontic office in Norwalk

Norwalk children's dentist
Norwalk children’s dentist

At Children’s Dental Group our Norwalk children’s dentist specializes in children’s dentistry and children’s orthodontics. Our staff is specially trained to put children at ease and make them more comfortable when visiting the dentist. Orthodontics are used to align teeth and straighten them after the child’s permanent teeth grow in. Our gentle touch helps us meet your child’s medical needs and care for their teeth while they learn going to the dentist can be a fun experience.

Our pediatric orthodontic services extend to removable appliances that are used in tandem with fixed appliances like braces. Removable appliances can be used to move selected teeth or hold them in place while influencing the growth of the jaws and tooth eruption. These types of appliances can be used to treat pediatric orthodontic problems and should only be done by a certified and skilled professional such as our Norwalk children’s dentist. After teeth are moved into their correct positions, the braces are removed before designing retainers for your child’s teeth to help the move back towards their original positions.

Our Norwalk children’s dentist is also trained to treat special needs patients and is trained to deal with children’s behavioral aspects. We know how to put kids at ease while teaching them the proper ways to take care of their teeth and proper oral hygiene habits. Tooth decay and cavities are a serious problem children because dental problems can start early in life. Children who are bottle fed or who have oral habits such as thumb sucking should be checked for tooth decay or gum disease. Having your child’s gums and teeth checked at an early age to prevent future problems. Dental sealants are one way to help seal teeth against bacteria. Children need strong and healthy teeth to help them chew, speak and feel confident about their smiles.

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