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Norwalk Children's Dentist

Norwalk Children’s Dentist

Waiting until the teen years for your child to take advantage of orthodontic care may lead to longer treatment times and greater cost. As with any problem, being proactive has benefits. That’s why we at Children’s Dental Group offer pediatric orthodontic services. We want your child to have properly aligned teeth and jaws, and the sooner he or she begins, the better.

By age 7, it’s a good idea to bring her or him in to see our Norwalk children’s dentist for an evaluation. The reason that you do might be simply to find out if your child needs orthodontic treatment, or because you have noticed one or more of the following symptoms: teeth crowding, misplaced teeth, jaws that make sounds when your child moves them up or down or side to side, thumb or finger sucking, or other signs that lead you to be concerned. Our Norwalk children’s dentist can address those matters with simpler, effective methods now rather than wait for later. Space can be maintained for teeth that have yet to grow in, and jaw development can be guided. We provide an array of services that include the use of removable appliances, such as retainers, and elastics, in addition to traditional braces. Retainers are often used to maintain the results that have been achieved through the use of braces or removable appliances. Teeth can move back into their original positioning, before orthodontic care took place, so the help of retainers is essential. We cannot guarantee that treatment now will prevent the need entirely later, but in the vast majority of cases, it at least greatly minimizes the work that needs to be done around adolescence.

Why not call our office and arrange an appointment for your child to have an evaluation with our Norwalk children’s dentist? You have nothing to lose, but you and your child have much to gain.

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