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Does your child live in fear of the dental care they need to grow into healthy and beautiful smiles? Often times your children can develop an illogical fear of even the most gentle oral health care, and once anxiety sets in there is little one can do to remove it aside from work with your son or daughter as calmly and peacefully as possible in order to make their visits to your local Cerritoss children’s dentist one they can even look forward to. Our fully licensed and professionally trained team of pedodontists strives to do exactly that in every way possible. To insure your child’s next dental visit is as gentle on their teeth as it is on their minds, be sure to book your next appointment with the Children’s Dental Group, and ask if sedation dentistry for kids is the right choice for your child’s smile.

Children's Sedation Dentistry 90650

Children’s Sedation Dentistry 90650

Sedation is not as uncommon in children’s dentistry as parents may think. Our doctors at your trusted Cerritoss children’s dentist utilize sedation for children who have disorders that make it difficult for them to sit still for the time it takes for a dentist to perform a precise treatment. Not all levels of sedation create a state of complete unconsciousness either. In fact, the most commonly used forms of sedation work to simply lower levels of anxiety so children can feel relaxed and at ease. Nitrous oxide or laughing gas is the mildest form of sedation, as well as the easiest to control and the fastest to wear off. This form can be delivered simply and painlessly through a small mask that provides and instant effect. For children who have trouble controlling muscle movements, or simply experience high levels of anxiety, oral sedatives can be used in the form of tablets, pills, and even liquids. Often times your doctor will require the oral sedative to be taken before the appointment so your child is ready for their procedure when they arrive, as certain oral sedatives can take a prolonged period of time to take effect. Children using an oral sedative should limit food and fluids prior to their procedure, wear comfortable clothing, and have a parent or guardian to watch over them from several hours after their appointment.

To find out if sedation dentistry is the right choice for the unique needs of your son or daughter, be sure to visit the practice devoted to childhood care at your neighborhood Cerritoss children’s dentist. Our state of the art offices of the Children’s Dental Group cater to the needs of kids, through waiting rooms with all of their favorites, from videogames to theaters and even rides to help put your young one at ease. With sedation dentistry from the Children’s Dental Group your child can receive the care they need to insure a beautiful smile for life.

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