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Interceptive orthodontics in 90650

90650 pediatric dentist
90650 pediatric dentist

Our teeth, much like our bodies, shift and move throughout our entire lives. Baby teeth grow in and fall out, paving the way for permanent teeth. But did you know you can tell a lot about how a mouth is going to form by inspecting baby teeth? At Children’s Dental Group, our 90650 pediatric dentist specifically focuses on interceptive orthodontics, which can improve the condition of your child’s mouth throughout adulthood. Many unique dental and oral conditions may arise as your kid’s mouth develops, and it is our goal to start fixing these problems early on.

Traditional metal braces are great for all ages, from pre teen to adulthood. They are also a terrific tool for interceptive orthodontics. When you equip your child with braces at a young age, our 90650 pediatric dentist is able to carefully track the movement and spacing of a formative mouth. Issues like under bites, over bites, crowding, or tooth gaps occur in developing mouths. Intercepting these conditions early on with braces is a great way to fix a problem before there is an opportunity for it to worsen. Clear braces are another effective option and are more sought out by teens and adults.

Other interceptive orthodontics may be used, either alone or in conjunction with metal braces. Bridges, spacers, and palate expanders can help solve a handful of problems, and leads to a more beautiful smile down the road. It’s never too early to bring your child to our 90650 pediatric dentist for an evaluation. Save your kid time, effort, and money as they grow up by guiding their teeth into a healthy, beautiful alignment early on. They are going to thank you for a lifetime.

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